Sidedoor Arts Trust - Interactive Art Installations

Sidedoor Alternative Church

Reflective, contemplative, interactive.

What is Alternative Worship?

A worship service that breaks away from the usual style of worship.
An opportunity to express yourself in worship and connect with a deeper more questioning understanding of theology and spirituality.
An opportunity to contemplate and connect with aspects of Jesus.

An eclectic mix of:

  • Music
  • Art
  • Poetry
  • Interactivity
  • Installations
  • Experiential
  • Ancient and contemporary

Why Alternative Worship?

Worship to speak to the life situations of people.
For those hanging on to their faith, but only just.
An exploration of creativity.
To recognise we are all "Wounded Healers".
To provide a space and a place to rest, contemplate and meditate.
To build community.
To involve the whole person using all the senses.
To connect with people at different levels on their spiritual journey.

(Due to the loss of our venue we are currently not meeting, September 2016)


Just by the way, Peter and Joyce are available to facilitate alternative worship at other locations, and are also available to "preach"/speak/share at other churches.