Sidedoor Arts Trust - Interactive Art Installations

Large Scale Paper Making

Handmade flax paper – transparent 100% pure flax.

Hard to recognise where it came from.
A thing of beauty which had to undergo a long and bruising process to get there.
Chopped in the guillotine,
boiled in caustic soda for 3 hours,
rinsed for 3 hours,
put through a waste disposal unit, the pulp is then fed into a kitchen food processor for 10 minutes.
The resulting fine pulp is then ready to be suspended in water, then screened to form paper.

All that we go through is significant in our faith journey – eventually we will be 100% truly ourselves. In so doing we will be more like Jesus than we can imagine, as he was the only person who has been truly 100% consistently himself.
As the paper is vulnerable, transparent and fragile, so shall we be.