Sidedoor Arts Trust - Interactive Art Installations

About Side Door Arts Trust

The trust was formed as a separate entity to support creative communication within our present culture through various artistic media.
The trust was formed to provide for the future expansion of Side Door events. These events are designed to present Jesus in a contemporary setting in a non-threatening accessible format.

The Trust is registered with the Charities Commission and has donee status with the IRD.

About Side Door

Side Door is an expression of where we are on our faith journey, originating from a desire to share the liberating experience of being real, open and honest within a small Christian community.

Depression, and living with it, doesn’t seem to fit with the “victorious Christian living” doctrine found in much of the institutional church. We have a desire to express worship through the weaknesses and strengths of who we are as individuals, and connect with God and others through artistic and creative avenues.

The healing experience of belonging in a small understanding and caring group of Christians helped begin the rebuilding of our faith in Christ to be relevant in everyday life.

Our artistic endeavours aim to touch people at a deeper level and facilitate an opportunity to respond to Jesus.